Hive smashers

Hive Smashers is a two-player game that pits anthropomorphic insect clans against one another in a race to victory. The game uses hexagonal cards to create a defensive barrier (or hive) around each player's queen. Players take turns trying to burrow their way into their enemies center as well as protect their own hives from ongoing threats. Players can choose between representing the Bee Clan or the Wasp Clan. 



To help differentiate between character cards, it was necessary to create distinct mood boards for each character. As the numbers get higher on each card, so should the visible power of the character. For example, the lowest number cards are younglings with simple weapons. As the numbers increase, the characters appear more powerful. The mood boards also helped explain the style of each clan. The Bee Clan is very elegant and advanced with metalwork and weaponry, while the Wasp Clan is barely out of the stone age and fairly wild and untamed in nature.


Here are some concept sketches to explore just what a humanoid insect clan should look like:

Pen and ink to full color

Here are approved line drawings moving into final artwork uncropped:


Final Cards

Once the artwork was approved, it is combined with the graphic design. These represent final card layout:


Here is a promotional poster, the bottom of the box and the cover of the rule book: