Trenton Payne



::: E M P L O Y M E N T   H I S T O R Y :::

Arcane Book Covers


Title: Senior Art Director

+ Manage a team of graphic designers, visual designers and illustrators focused on serving the book publishing industry specializing in both physical works as well as e-book cover format.

+ Oversee project timelines and set goals for the team as they pertain to publishing schedules.

+ Work closely with clients to set expectations as they pertain to budget.

+ Brainstorm and visualize initial cover concepts with both team as well as customers.


Overworld Games


Title: Designer

+ Design look and feel for cards, game boards, rules and boxes. These include "Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe Game" + "Total Recall The Card Game".


Space goat productions


Title: Art Director

+ Lead a creative team of illustrators and sculptors to create The Terminator Board Game

+ Created style guide for successful Terminator Kickstarter Campaign 

+ Designed all components of tabletop game including dual game boards, cards, etc.


Game services live / art director


Title: Senior User Experience Designer

+ Created wireframes for Breakaway video game website

+ Art Directed initial look of website. 

+ Built wireframes for Game Services website  

+ Created style guides for above titles

+ Modified designs to software upload for Game Developers using new services (seattle)


Title:  User Experience Designer

+ Developed purchase flow process and checkout experience for

+ Modified software upload for game companies with new UX wireframes

+ Visually skinned above wireframes




Title: Senior User Experience Designer / Art Director

+ UX design/ VX design for GameCircle

+ Kindle Tablet and Phone Integration

+ Created all style guides

+ Team assisted social aspect introduction

+ Feature parity design for Fire TV

+ Interaction design - Mobile


Title: Senior Visual Designer Lead / Art Director 

+ Managed team of UX Designers

+ Visual designer/ UI designer for navigation components across all platforms

+ Created high-touch graphics for email distribution

+ Managed marketing solutions for mobile platforms


Title: Visual Designer / Art Director 

+ Sole Visual Designer, Soft lines for

+ Created Site Flips on a monthly, bi-monthly basis  

+ Created high-touch graphics for email distribution

+ Completed monthly and seasonal trend guides

+ Art Director - Photo Shoots, both product and model

+ Oversaw and mentored graphic design interns


Intrepid Learning Solutions


Title: Video Producer/ Graphic Designer

+ Oversaw and managed creative team to create rich media for both the web and event presentation

+ Produced, wrote, and directed all digital video projects for primarily e-learning purposes

+ Integrated with vendors and collect bids for freelance personnel

+ Created engaging graphic design in the form of VFX/DVD menu, etc.

+ Created scripts/storyboards for video production


Typhon Films


Title: Creator and Director of Animated Shorts/Documentaries/Graphic Design

+ Produced and directed all creative projects.

+ Marketed to film festivals and other various national viewings

+ Grant writing for documentary funds/winner of Seattle's Artist Trust GAP Award for 2005.

+ Writer for successful non-profit scholarship status from 911 Media and Wiggly World Studios.

+ Hired interns for production assistant positions


Safeco Insurance


Title: Graphic Designer/Associate Video Producer

+ Managed onsite production

+ Designed and updated intranet site for Multimedia team

+ In charge of maintaining style guide for graphic department

+ Producer on video production/film production

+ Assisted with on-screen props

+ Wrote and produced videos for local and national events.

+ Designed and produced CD-ROM titles.


::: C L I E N T  L I S T :::

Skinned UI/UX experiences for a myriad of amazon products across all platforms including Kindle and mShop for iPad, android and windows phone.

Created site flips, email graphics, print, online banners and online trend guides for focusing on shoes, handbags, watches and jewelry. 



Created multiple digital video presentations assisting in training of employees. Also created recruiting video for future sales team/compression for online delivery. Also manage graphic designers assigned to create online presentations, web emails, etc.


Boeing Corporation

Oversee multimedia animators and graphic designers assigned to create Boeing web training courses. Art direct/video production of multiple training videos/produce, hire, manage vendors in production and pre-production of audio voice-over work/ DVD menu creation.



Manage graphic designers assigned to create presentations for national events. Design/video production of multiple projects training videos for national sales events. Oversee vendors, audio talent.



Online Flash animation for training purposes.



Art direction/video production/graphic design for national sales events, commercials/Power Point.


Space Goat Productions

Art direction for tabletop games.


::: E D U C A T I O N :::


- Certificate Program - Multimedia for the Web

   University of Washington , Washington, USA


- Certificate Program - Advanced Writing for Fiction and Marketing

   University of Washington , Washington, USA


- B.A. Communications - Major in Psychology, Video Production/ Screenwriting for Film, Television

   University of Missouri , Kansas City, USA


::: R E F E R E N C E S :::


Mayumi Nagashima: Sr User Experience Designer



Josh Slimp: Senior UI designer for



Brian Henk: CEO Overworld Games